WhatsApp: +8613958869676


WhatsApp: +8613958869676

DH Weifang--Headquarter and Manufacturing 
DH Qingdao--Branch office and Import&Export


Cell: +86 13336369434


Postal Code: 261205

Address: Jinma Road,New Industrial Zone, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China.

Working Time :7x24h(Beijing Time)

Inline Flexo Label Press F1

Specification 10"(254) 13"(330) 16.5"(420) 20.5"(520) 25.5"(650)
Max web width  260mm 340mm  430mm 530mm 660mm
Max pringting width 254mm 330mm 420mm 520mm 650mm
Max die-cutting width 254mm 330mm 420mm 520mm 650mm
Printing repeat 180-435mm 190-650mm 190-650mm 190-650mm 190-650mm
Die-cutting repeat 180-435mm 190-650mm 190-650mm 190-650mm 190-650mm
Max unwinding diameter 500mm 1067mm 1524mm/1067mm 1524mm/1067mm 1524mm/1067mm
Max rewinding diameter  500mm 1067mm/762mm 1067mm/762mm 1067mm/762mm 1067mm/762mm
Gearing 1/8cp  1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp
Max printing speed 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Diameter of Path roller 60mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Base Motor Power 7.5KW 11KW 11KW 11KW 11KW
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